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Removal of testicles is a medical procedure known as orchiectomy.

It is carried out for various reasons.

For one thing, it helps put a permanent stop to the ravaging effects of advanced prostate cancer.

It is also used to relive the pain and agony caused by testicular torsion, or other injury affecting the male genitalia.

What is the Relationship between testicles and erections?

Testicles are the body organs responsible for the production of testosterone, which is one of the most important hormones in the male body.
Testosterone gives a man a masculine appearance.

It is responsible for most secondary sexual characteristics in men.
It also plays a role in a man’s sexual desire, also known as libido.

High testosterone levels usually amount to high libido levels, which in turn result in sexual arousal and better performance.

If testicles are removed, one’s testosterone levels plummet, hence the inability to get erections.

Can you get an erection without testicles?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the number of testicles that are removed.

If only one testicle is removed, the other takes over its functions.
This means that a man who has only one testicle removed is well able to get erections and even to perform well sexually.

They can still ejaculate naturally and sire children as before.

However, if both your testicles are removed, no testosterone can be produced.
This means that naturally, you cannot get erections without testicles.

It also means that your body cannot produce sperms, which in turn means that you cannot father biological children.

Luckily however, there are various treatment options that are available to you.
These can help alleviate the devastating effects of living without testicles.

What are other effects of removal of testicles?

1. Infertility

Besides the production of testosterone, testicles are also responsible for the production of sperms.
This means that if they are removed, one cannot produce sperms which renders them infertile.

2. Low Self- Esteem

Additionally, men who have both their testicles removed may suffer from an overwhelming feeling of low self- worth.

Remember that testosterone plays an important role in giving one a manly appearance.

When there is little of this hormone circulating in the body, it may affect the way that a man looks.

This could change his self- image for the worse, and is actually a huge cause for low self- esteem in men.

Men who have low testosterone levels may also have a hard time building muscles, which could detract even farther from their self- confidence.

Moreover, many men may suffer from a deep fear of rejection especially by their sexual partners.

All of these contribute to immense emotional and psychological pain for the man.

3. Poor Relationships

Additionally, men who have had both their testicles removed may have a hard time performing in the bedroom.

They may not be able to get or keep an erection, which could leave their sexual partners greatly unsatisfied. This can lead to plenty of problems in the relationship, with such men feeling shunned and despised.

What Treatments are Available?

1. Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you have had both your testicles removed, all is not lost.
You can still manage to get erections if you undergo hormone replacement therapy.

The therapy aims at restoring your testosterone levels to a normal level so that you are able to get and maintain erections.

The therapy can take many forms such as injections, gels and patches applied on your skin or stuck in your mouth.

With this treatment, you should be able to get erections with no testicles.

2. Testicular Implants

These are silicone implants made to resemble the testicles that are attached to the pelvic region.

The value of these implants is purely aesthetic, as they do not in any way contribute to the production of testosterone or sperms.

They may be of more help if you have had just one testicle removed, since they give your scrotum a natural look.

Before you decide to get these implants however, be sure to familiarize yourself thoroughly with their pros and cons.

3. Sperm Storage

If you want to sire children after your orchiectomy surgery, you can ask for your sperm to be stored in a sperm bank.

That way, you can still have your own biological children even after both testicles are removed.

The Conclusive Answer to Whether You Can Get an Erection Without Testicles

To answer the question, yes, you can still get erections with no testicles, but only on condition that you get hormone replacement therapy.

That’s because your production of testosterone is going to be ridiculously low (testes are a primary producer of testosterone in males).

It is important to know that there is still hope despite the removal of both testicles.