How to Become a Master at Foreplay

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  How to Become a Master at Foreplay

In order to have great sexual experience foreplay is necessary. In fact, it is a seductive art that can allow you to please your partner if you master it. Most of the women usually complaint about the lack of knowledge of foreplay of their partners instead of their early ejaculation, smaller penis or ignorance about sexual activities.

Importance of foreplay

Before becoming the master of foreplay you must understand its importance in sex. Mostly men get ready for sex as they get erection but women do not get ready for sex in the same manner. Foreplay can improve your experience like an embellishment on your cake but it helps women to get ready for sex by lubricating her vagina.

The vagina of a woman gets wet when she wants sex but to get that wetness she takes time and foreplay plays a great role in wetting the woman. This wetness works like a lubricant without which sex can be a painful experience. It also helps woman to enjoy sex as she feels better with lubricated vagina.

But to master foreplay is not a tough job like that of a scientist. You only have to have some common sense, few good ideas and ability to control your passion instead of using some crazy toys or fancy moves to arouse your partner.

Tips to master foreplay

If you want to be master at foreplay then you will have to consider certain points like:

Prepare yourself mentally: You should presume the entire sequence of lovemaking in your mind to become master of foreplay. You s

hould allow your mind to go wild to imagine what you want to do with the girl, before meeting her. It will allow you to move on and on when you meet the girl and bring her in your bedroom.

Do not avoid the setting: You should make the settings of your bedroom comfortable where you want to entertain the girl of your choice. Your bedroom should be cosy and comfortable to have great experience of lovemaking. It should have lots of pillows and soft silky clean sheets with a low lighting along its side. All these things will give an impression to your girl about the eventful time she will enjoy with you.

In order to really become master at foreplay you should focus on two more things – communication and desire.

Communication: It is a good thing to make a woman ready for sex. You can ask her about her likes and dislikes. You should focus on her responses to show how caring you are. You are on the right track if during communication she starts breathing quickly. You should continue the communication to make her more sensitised to sex.

Desire: The second important thing that stimulates a woman is desire for sex. Desire is something that can make great difference in your sexual experience. You should use certain techniques to develop desire in her for you regardless of your physical beauty. Though it is an old technique still it works. You should look at her and try to touch her like it is unbelievable that you are allowed to do such things. You should make her believe that she was the only thing you want to have in this word. It will turn her on as soon as possible.

Control your orgasm: Instead of setting goals to give orgasms to your girl and focusing on the genitals you should enjoy every minute when she is with you. You should start with kissing her neck, mouth, back shoulders, pubis, navel and other sensitive body parts to arouse her. You should stop as she starts freezing up to give her some time. In the meantime you can fetch some things to eat for her like chocolate or so. Now you can resume your activities giving tender expressions of love instead of reacting like a sex machine.

In this way, with good foreplay you can help your partner to reach orgasm along with you, if not before you. It will also improve your sex experience as she will want to have more sex with you repeatedly. But you should keep in mind that variety can spice up your sexual life. So you should always try new foreplay techniques to have new experience every time.

Thus, by using the tips discussed in this write-up consistently you can soon become master at foreplay.

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