The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement Cream

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  The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement Cream

Any lotion that can be rubbed on your penis to enlarge it is known as penis enlargement cream. Such creams usually contain oils to enlarge your penis. They are marketed with different types of claims from improving the quality of erectile to increasing the size of penis. In this write-up we are discussing basic things about these creams, people’s expectations from them and the ways to use them, so that you can know them more closely.

Are penis enlargement creams effective?

The effectiveness of the creams to enlarge penis has not been proved scientifically till date still they are used as they are easy to apply and make sexual activities more convenient. Moreover, every guy should use them, if they could really increase the size of the penis. In fact, people use these creams as some of them create a feeling of sensation in their penis after applying them which is assumed as the cream is working to enlarge their penis. Most of them continue to use them for the ease in sexual activities even if no change in their manhood is noticed.

What people expect from enlargement creams?

The expectations from the creams to enlarge penis depend on various factors like brand and quality of the cream as most of these creams are ineffective. Even if you have used a cream that has proved to be effective then you may feel a prickle or itch while using it for the first time. Some of these creams can give a stimulating effect by increasing sensitivity in your penis which makes you feel better than ever. Similarly some other creams can temporarily increase the flow of blood in your penis due to the inclusion of vasodilatation causing products. So you should use such creams as they can fulfil your purpose to some extent as their affect will be temporary. In fact, there is no cream that can enhance the size of your penis permanently even if they are used with other male enhancement techniques and exercises.

How to use penis enlargement creams?

People who are passionate about the size of their penis to improve their sexual performance should use penis enlargement creams that contain L-arginine and extract of saw palmetto as their main ingredients. Being an amino acid L-arginine works as a chemical, nitric oxide, that plays important role in penile erection. On the other hand the extract of saw palmetto helps in treating a kind of prostatic hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction.

These enlargement creams can be used in various manners. Being topical creams they can be applied directly on the skin of your penis with your hands. It should be applied gently but firmly like massaging on the penis from its base to its head. Ideally you should use an effective penis enlargement cream daily in any of the forms discussed here under:

During sex: During sex you can use these creams as lubricant to improve your sexual pleasure along with exploding your sexual orgasm more effectively. The sexual pleasure can mutually be enjoyed by the partners due to large and firm erection whereas this enjoyment can be increased by using a lubricant.

During exercise: You can also use penis enhancement cream while doing exercises to this effect. But you should use it moderately as too much use of cream can decrease your hold on your penis and hence traction on the penile shaft.

While masturbating: While masturbating your penis the use of these creams can give a glossy, warm but non-sticky feel to your hands and your penis works like working on a wet vagina with a smooth friction. It reduces the risk of irritation on the skin of your penis along with increasing your pleasure.

The Final Verdict on Penis Enlargement Creams

Though you can find wide variety of penis enlargement creams in the market but most of them are not as effective as they are advertised. Some of them that can improve the flow of blood in you penis can be termed as effective in increasing the size of your penis. So you should choose a cream to enlarge you penis carefully. You should continue penis enlargement exercises like stretching exercises and eat healthy diet along with using these creams to get better, quicker and long lasting results. You can easily enlarge the size of your penis by the collective efforts of your sensible lifestyle, moderate exercises and a good quality male enhancement cream.

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