The Ultimate Guide to Penis Stretching Exercises

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  The Ultimate Guide to Penis Stretching Exercises


Penis stretching exercises are workouts that not only enhance the length of male sex organ naturally but also encourage som

e girth development. The exercise, therefore, keeps the penis healthy and functional. Surprisingly, the exercises have been around for many centuries with different communities in various parts of the world. A lot of men have used the programs successfully to enlarge their penis. For best results, it is advisable to perform the exercises five days per week for a couple of months.

How the penis stretching exercises work

The penis comprises of three chambers made of spongy tissues which absorb blood reaching the penis. W

hen blood fills these tissues, erection of the penis occurs. Doing the following exercises continuously and correctly increase the size of these chambers enabling them to absorb more blood. The larger the volume of blood the chambers can absorb the bigger the size of the penis. The purpose of the penis enlargement exercises is to stretch the spongy tissues and lengthen the penile suspensory ligaments both of which are responsible for the erection of the penis.

Before doing these exercises, it is important to warm up adequately to make the organ looser and easier to pull thus minimizing injury. So, get in the shower and allow hot water to run on the penis as you massage the area for about 5 minutes. Make sure it is elastic before you start any of the following exercises.

Exercise 1

Hold your penis behind the glans (head) with your right hand and pull it away from your body. Put your left-hand thumb on your shaft near the base of your penis and press down as you lift up with another hand till you feel a mild tingling sensation. Hold it in that position for about ten seconds. Repeat this process with the left-hand finger pulling, in turn, to the sides (left and right). Each time you are pulling the penis to a particular side, put your thumb on the opposite side of the penis to create tension. Continue stretching in the various directions (but never down) for five minutes per session.

Exercise 2

This workout involves using your forefinger and thumb to make an Ok sign and firmly holding the base of your penis with the sign. Pull the sign up along the shaft from the base all the way to the tip of your penis. This process will send a lot of blood into the penis overall. On reaching the tip of the penis, release it entirely and repeat the process, this time using your other hand. Aim to execute this process once a day. When starting, perform this exercise for five minutes per day on your first week then increase the time gradually for every subsequent week.

Exercise 3

Place both thumbs over your shaft, with nails touching, and put your remaining fingers below to provide support and firmly press back the skin into your body. Exercise some caution to avoid cutting off blood flow to the penis. Hold the skin for ten seconds before releasing. Repeat this process each time maintaining a continuous pump action. The further back you push the skin, the better the results will be. Execute this exercise for five minutes on a daily basis. Note that you can perform this penis stretching exercises while semi-erect.

Exercise 4

Grab your penis behind the glans using your dominant hand with your index finger and thumb just underneath the head. Gently pull it straight outward and hold it for about 30 seconds. Use the other hand to press along the shaft as you pull to the desired direction. Repeat this process, pulling it to the right direction, then to the left, and finally up each time holding it for 3 seconds. Add some pressure with time as you feel comfortable. Pulling your penis to the sideways stretches the lower and side ligaments.


The above penis stretching exercises are ideal for individuals who would like to grow the size of their male sex organ naturally. The workouts are safe, easy to perform and useful. Different communities have been practicing penis enlargement exercise for many years, a sure evidence that the workouts indeed works. Start with shorter sessions and increase the duration gradually with time. Expect to notice positive changes in penis size after two to three weeks of the workouts.

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