Does Penis Size Matter? The Truth on What Women Think

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Does Penis Size Matter? The Truth on What Women Think

It is a very old question whether the size and length of the penis matters for women or not. Several researches and studies have been conducted in this regard all over the world since long but none of them has reached to a confirmed answer as every time they got mixed responses from the women. When asked from women, does penis size matter’ to them during sex then most of them do not care about the size as they weigh other sexual activities like oral sex more than the size of penis  . Almost 30% women give preference to the size of the penis of their partner.

The answer of most of the younger women usually is that the size of penis is not important for them as what matters for them is the way it is used. Some women nervously laughed before answering the penis size matter to them whereas some said that it depends on many things. One of them replied that it is important that you are confident with your body to get sexual satisfaction whereas another woman was of the view that visually the size matters as it satisfies your eyes as well as heart also.

In another survey in which 25 women shared their views about whether penis size matters it was found that more than 80% of them were satisfied with the penis size of their partner as according to them it is men who are more concerned about the size of their penis as they think that their manliness will be hurt if the size of their penis will be smaller. They further said that men usually believe that they must have a huge sized dick whereas most women do not have any ambition of this kind.

It has been revealed through a number surveys that the size of penis matters to very few women but most of them believe that the way their partners behave during sex and use their penis matters more than the size of their penis. If men use other parts of the female body to arouse them then the size of penis has lesser importance as intercourse is not the entire sexual activity. It is just a part of it.

In order to see what women really think about “does penis size matter”, the surveyors contacted few of them and asked them to share their thoughts in this regard. The excerpts of the views of some of those women are given here under for your consideration.

As per the opinion of one of them, in general it is better to have an average size penis as what matters the most is the way it is used instead of its size. In fact technique to use penis is more important than its size. As per her experience men with smaller penis can sometimes be better lovers than others as they compensate their size with technique and often end up successfully like heavenly lovers.

Another woman was of the view that it was not easy for her to handle too big penis. Instead of pleasurable it can surely be a painful experience for a delicate woman like her if the partner has a huge penis. But, at the same time, you can neither enjoy not feel if the penis of your partner is too small. So for her the ideal size of the penis should be average.

But some of them, for whom the size of penis does matter, were of the view that you have to make lesser efforts to get sexually satisfied if you have bigger penis as instead of moves the size of meat makes much difference.

Similarly another woman advocated for the size of penis by saying that size does matter but not as thought by many other people. It should neither be 3-4 inch as one cannot feel its presence nor it should be more than 8 inches as it can hurt you and will not sexually satisfy you as you wish. According to her, nearly 7 inches should be the ideal size of the penis.

In this way, it can be concluded that “Does penis size matter?” is such a question which cannot be answered unanimously. Every woman can answer it as per her own whim and craze for sexual activities. So, instead of worrying about the size of their penis men should focus on techniques to use it to satisfy their partner.

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